About Us

Your gavel is a new concept of classifieds’ websites, where users can get the best possible deal every time they are selling or buying an item online, taking away the unwanted repeated negotiations and doubts from buying and selling, leaving only the fun of shopping. This is a platform where used and new goods are being sold at the real market price, giving a new meaning to value for money in online shopping.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Make the process of selling and buying easier than ever, with more enjoyment and fun for a better experience for both buyer and seller, by introducing new concepts and methods that will not only improve online classifieds but reshape the industry to provide complete solutions for the community’s needs.

Bidding in auctions has never
been easier!

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Our Story

We started by identifying the obstacles and disturbances faced in selling and shopping online, like the uncertainty about the price of the item, item’s real value, and availability! Then we expanded our thoughts trying to find a platform that makes online shopping a joyful experience, by giving the option for parties to close their deals online and agree on final price, with no more annoying negotiations, unreasonable offers, and disturbing repeated calls.

Taking the relationship between parties online, and making their communication restricted to complete the delivery for an already finalised and closed deals, and we managed to do that by redefining and using an old concept in trading, that has proven its validity and practicality over the centuries. We have employed that concept in the classifieds industry in its most modern shape, giving our bidders the decision on the price they are willing to pay, and our sellers the decision to accept highest offer, creating a community continuous online auction platform where every deal is the best possible deal.